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cartographies 1, Best NZ Poems 2017

Wee Voices, REM Magazine

‘Gendered Poetics,’ ‘How We Land,’ ‘Mother’ – translated into Spanish by Andrea Rivas, Circulo de Poesia


‘The Weathermen,’ Rejectamenta

Six Pack Sound Recordings,  including collaborations with Hannah Owen Wright, NZEPC

‘Patterns in Your Mouth’ and ‘Wry Grass,’ Blackmail Press

My poetry can also be found in the following journals and publications:

Best NZ Poems 2017, Refugium: Poems for the Pacific (forthcoming), Landfall 233, Aotearotica 2, Atlanta Review, Circulo de Poesia, IKA4, Rejectamenta, Brief (51&55), Catalyst (10 & 11); Shearsman (99 & 100, 107 & 108); REM Magazine; Blackmail Press (23, 33 &42); Live Lines I, II & V; One Night Stanza: Read This; Sidestream; De-formed Paper & Potroast

Short Fiction

‘Two Children,’ Flash Frontier (High Tide)

Online articles

Bending Genders and Genres: Jeanette Winterson, Gay Express Magazine

Concepts Matter: a game of two halves in the Absurdity of Humanity (Dance Review),Gay Express Magazine

Peer Reviewed

Certified Copies: 1980s New Zealand Photocopy Journals & the Xerographic Aesthetic, Journal of New Zealand Literature, No. 34.2 (available on Jstor)

Ngā Toikupu o Ngā Reo Taharua: e Tākiri ana te Aroā Pānui | The Poetics of Bilanguaging: an Unfurling Literacy (BA hons dissertation), KMKO – a journal of New Zealand poetry and poetics #14

Facing down the hegemonic order: the role of art as a record of counter histories, Interesting Journal #1