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Ears Wide Open

In association with the Deep Surface event at The Open Book, Anna Livesey interviewed me about poetry and letterpress and everything else!

You can listen to it here: Ears Wide Open #17




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Deep Surface: Letterpress & Poetry @ The Open Book

Last month Ya-wen Ho, Jo Giddens and I were involved in an event called ‘Deep Surface: Letterpress and Poetry’. We performed and read poetry together, chatted all things letterpress and had a good ol’ time at The Open Book on Ponsonby Road. The main part of the event was of course a reading at 3pm. But before that, I brought out an adana desk top letterpress printer from MOTAT and a couple of trays of type of people to have a go at printing. One of the cases I brought out was the case layout I designed for typesetting in te reo Māori.

Here are some photos of the event

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Poetry Live! Tuesday 10th April 2018

I’m the guest poet this Tuesday at Poetry Live. 8pm at the Thirsty Dog. RSVP here:

I’ll have some prints, including a new print ‘waterlines’, available in exchange for a donation towards paying for photopolymer plates for a new print project.

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kōrero paki

I’ve made a new blog for writing i te reo Māori. At the moment I’m just posting short kōrero about topics which will always include some kupu hōu.

But later on I’m going to post some lesson plans with examples and exercises. This is to help me learn, and keep focused on my te reo journey throughout the year. But maybe I can help you with your learning too!

When I do start posting lessons, I’ll begin with some pretty basic stuff and work up to the more complicated things I’ve learned. I might try and number the difficulty levels.

If you are a speaker of maori, whether you’re learning or are already quite fluent, please comment on the posts. Perhaps you might want to correct a mistake I’ve made, or respond to a question I have asked. But you may also just want to ask how a sentence worked, or how you might say something else.

Learning te reo Māori is about the journey, not the destination. We will always be learning!


You can reach the blog by clicking on the site logo (the sweet awesome cat with glasses), clicking ‘kōrero paki’ up in the menu at the top of this blog, or by going to

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Wairarapa: day seventeen

Day 17 was a strange day. In knowing I had to clean up my desk by the end of the day I barely did anything at all. It ended up as a bit of a non-day as far as the residency went and it took a lot of effort to be okay about that. We can’t be on form all the time, and taking that last day as a rest day was probably a good idea.

Sian and I made a joint dinner of a hot roast chicken, roasted veges, yorkshire pudding and gravy and watched ridiculous youtube videos from before the days of youtube (saladfingers, strongbad, ‘Kenya, forget Norway,’ ‘Wee! Gonads in strife’)

It was a low key end to the residency. By the time I went to bed, the whole three weeks was packed up into a suitcase. Was I ever here at all?

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Wairarapa: day sixteen


my vision is of a line, a line spun with threads
millions, trillions, certainly innumerable
a place that is itself without me, but is rewoven for me
there are many more lines here than my vision
lines of movements, of currents, of footsteps and vehicles,
a crosshatch of life, so too place is a threadwork of thoughts
I am there again now – I dwell here before I sleep

I saw a golden field and I wonder now if I made it
on a warm day, beneath heavy clouds, a slight breeze
that flits amidst the grasses like a percussionist
I burnt my hands – the backs of my hands
they emanate a great heat, as though I caught the sun
my hands shine golden in the dim gloom of my room
it rains today, i cannot imagine the golden field in rain


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Wairarapa: day fifteen

I’m working on another small artist book, just 8 leaves. Titled ‘wawaro.’ Below is a sample page:

Went into Masterton today and saw the exhibition “Cellular Memory” by Elizabeth Thomson, curated by Gregory O’Brien at Aratoi gallery and museum. A thoroughly stunning and enjoyable show. It’s a survey exhibition so the works cover her career beginning in the late 80s through to this year. 

It’s Sian’s birthday today so Chistine and I made a birthday dinner. Two new residents have joined us in the last day or so, so there were five of us celebrating with baked salmon and stuffed apples.

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Wairarapa: day fourteen

Playing around with making lines

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Wairarapa: day thirteen

The Manawatu Gorge Track. A 10km trek, about 8 ks in we made a little friend:

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Wairarapa: day twelve

A bit of a mix of a day. Spent some time in the morning playing around with ink.

Then at lunch Sian and I joined Christine and her family for a Christmas lunch on the lawn which was really lovely, with loads of kiwi classics (from the 70s?) salads with boiled eggs, potato salad with pureed peas, ham and pineapple, highlander dressing, followed by cheese cake and pavlova. Christine’s grandfather and great grandfather built this house, so all her cousins who came on Saturday all had memories of the house as children. They told us which rooms used to be what (the Burton room was once the lounge) and which rooms they stayed in (Alva always stayed in the Saiko room, which is the room I’m staying in – it didn’t have french doors then).

Then Sian and I went off to a fair in Queen’s Park in Masterton. There’s a little ride on train in the park on the island in the middle of the pond/lake. It only runs occassionally by a couple of volunteers. The older guy had a very familiar sense of humour and reminded me of our team leader Graham at the print shop.

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