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Waitematā Good Citizen’s Award

I am over the moon to be a recipient of the Good Citizen’s Award. Stacy and Emma at MOTAT nominated my for the work I have been doing in the print shop printing local poetry and advocating for the use of te reo Māori.


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‘Certified Copies’ article in JNZL

I wrote an article last year Certified Copies: 1980s New Zealand Photocopy Journals & the Xerographic Aesthetic. The brief was “the influence of technology on NZ literature between 1975-2000” What resulted was an exploration of the journals And and Splash with a particular focus on the photocopier.

The article was published in JNZL late last year and my copy arrived in the post recently. The cover is a work by Judi Stout from And / 2, which I look at in depth in the article.


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Māori Letterpress

Kia ora! After years of thinking about it, and 6 months of designing, planning, constructing and mostly waiting, the contemporary Māori typecase for hand-setting in te reo Māori is now an actual thing. The case has been ready for the type for a few months, but I was still waiting on the new type – the 5 vowels in upper and lower case with macrons, (tohutō). And those tohutō letters arrived today! This is the most exciting package I have ever opened. The things we get excited about! The type before it was dissed into the new case.

The type before it was dissed into the new case.

The type before it was dissed into the new case.

Close up of the A with tohutō in the case

Close up of the A with tohutō in the case

The case with just the new type

The case with just the new type

The full case.

The full case.

This afternoon I set a poem in Māori by Cilla McQueen that I translated earlier in the year. I found it surprisingly easy to switch to the new lay out. In particular I found the e moved to it’s no position to be ideal, so close to the t. And setting the frequent ‘ngā’ was so easy with the n and g next to each other and the a with tohutō just above. The move to have the w and k in their own large cells rather than squeezed into smaller ones around the outside was the real change. I’m so used to having to scrape around to get a w or k; they are so much more accessible now.

So, a huge success, now just to sort out a project that is fully in te reo Māori for some solid hand-setting with this new case!

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KMKO #14 is now live

and it includes my honours dissertation!

Ngā Toikupu o Ngā Reo Taharua: e Tākiri ana te Aroā Pānui/  The Poetics of Bilanguaging: an Unfurling Literacy

Click the image below to link through to KMKO online.

KMKO14 now live

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a textile zine

VID 148700209 170259 from Makyla Curtis on Vimeo.

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IMG_3763 black border




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Translated by Bing

The starting paragraph came from an excellent interview with Petra Collins on Vice, which can be found here.

Through the exploration of word for word translation, it is interesting to be left with this strange interpretation, and to spend time reading into it, especially as it is hard to give the final translation any authorial intention. It might be worth noting that I do not speak any of these languages. I specifically avoided translating it into a language I knew much about at all (I was very amused that Bing offers Klingon translation so had to include it.) I wanted to see just it’s starting point and it’s result after going through so many different filters.

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Mr Walrus

Ain’t he sweet?

walrus 005

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