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Arielle Walker, Debbie Harris, Emily Parr, Luca Nicholas, Makyla Curtis

Opening Thursday 13 February, 6-8pm
14 – 16 February, 10.30am – 4pm
The Barrel Store, Corban Estate Arts Centre

Groundwork is a collaborative show on botanical communication, undergrowth, and rootedness. Through print, poetics, textiles, ceramics and film we explore beneath and above ground for a sense of belonging through botany, in our past and our future. Roots link us through our interlaced and reciprocal practices.

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Te haerenga tuatahi ki Tongaporutu: an exhibition

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15/07/2019 · 10:00 pm

Museums Aotearoa Service IQ Awards

I joined the MOTAT team at the Museums Aotearoa Service IQ Awards ceremony on Wednesday 22nd May. MOTAT was shortlisted for FIVE awards!

One of those awards was ‘Kia toi te reo’ or ‘most innovative use of te reo Māori’, for the He whakaritenga hou exhibition at the Walsh Memorial Library Nov 2017 – Mar 2018. This exhibition showcased a number of the poetry letterpress works we’ve printed in The Print Shop as well as my typecase design for the Māori alphabet. (See also Letterpress i te reo Māori, Case Layout mō te tātai reta Māori and Talking about te reo Māori and letterpress)

We didn’t win – but being shortlisted as a finalist and acknowledged eloquently in te reo Māori at the awards was win enough!

MOTAT did win Exhibition Excellence Science and Technology for the exhibition Accelerate: Driving New Zealand. Very well deserved!

Here we are with the award and finalist certificates and some odd facial expressions

Todd Dixon, Alba Letts, Steven Fox, Michael Frawley, Makyla Curtis


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The Kitchen – we begin

The first events were this weekend! Yesterday was the first kitchen, hosted by Renee Liang in her kitchen. The workshop was led by Rosetta Allan. We had great fun delving into historical fiction while trying a zucchini quiche, quince jelly, dried fruit anzac biscuits, sundried tomato stromboli and Filipino sweet glutinous rice sweets.

At Kitchen 2 this afternoon we were hosted by Hannah May Lee and snacked on zanzibar spiced beans and guacamole, polenta orange cake, baby purple potatoes boiled with heaps of spices, and chewy anzac biscuits (we could call it a theme, but I made the anzac biscuits after having them yesterday). Ruby Porter was the tutor today and she took us through a range of exercises which prompted some excellent stories and discussions – I’ve got some great writing from today that I will rework.

The lunches have been warm and intimate – it really does feel like catching up with neighbours over a cup of tea. I’ve heard some wonderful stories: from the blood soaked market streets in the Philippines, to losing a first tooth eating dumplings at a restaurant on a cliff side.

There are still spaces available to join – check out the website and sign up:

We have taken some photos, but I’ll not share them just yet as I haven’t got permission from participants. But I will share one.

Visiting Hannah also meant I got to catch up with my old cat Roux. When I moved to Scotland in 2008, he stayed with Hannah and moved with her to her new house 6 years ago. He’s an old man now, but a very very happy cat. It was so nice to give him a big hug and I also got to chat with his new best friend Etta!



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BNZP17 poetry reading @ Te Papa

This is happening next week: Monday 20th August. If you’re in Wellington, please stop by. I’m only in Welly for the day!

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Another wonderful LOUNGE poetry event.

We dedicated the reading to my late brother James, who died in June of this year.

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Questions for answers asked

for James

I haven’t really been here before
at your house. I just waited outside, usually in the car
for you to get in, or to drop something off for you.

But I’m here now and this is the detritus of your life
and I don’t know what’s important – so everything’s unimportant
until we give it meaning.

Carole comes for Delores the stuffed donkey,
and two childhood clocks
Hannah finds a linen napkin you kept from her wedding
Tarei has the longest drink in town and
Richard has your Tin Tin comics
Andy and Clinton have the heavy black vase
And Dad’s got your records.
When Mum came, her heart shook
but she counted the dinners in the freezer
and kept close the memory of cooking them for you.

I take particular care with the rocks I find in your room
smooth round overlarge pebbles, sharp angles or broken stone discs
and I build a pile, a cairn, in the garden
between the front steps
and the blue skip that we filled twice over.

You had been reading Real Fake White Dirt
by Jess Holly Bates
a bus ticket marks your spot, a cash ticket
from the 30th of May
page 23 is where you’re up to
and I can’t read any further

I take Real Fake White Dirt
and a book of recent paintings by Gretchen Albrecht
you were always well read – why didn’t we talk about poetry together?

Hannah and I sold your car to the scrappers
A teenage boy came with a tow truck
he looked at us like meat. Whose car is this? He says
Are you sad? He says chewing gum and staring at our tits
Please, just take the car
with its overstuffed bear filling the back seat
and a boot we can’t get open.
He took the car and left a sour taste in our mouths.

Later, when I imagine the end, which I don’t do voluntarily
I forget there was car here
and I imagine you on the concrete in front of the house
in your dressing gown.
Andy said your hair was soapy
when he left earlier that morning
and I imagine you here – I forget there was car
I hope you didn’t feel alone

I’m here now and this is the detritus of your life
and I don’t know what’s important – so everything’s unimportant
until we give it meaning.

And much later, when the skips have been emptied
and the cleaners come to remove the last trace of you
I start to think of all the things we threw away
and I give it all meaning
and my heart hurts that I didn’t keep the things that were yours

So I read Jess Holly Bates
and get stuck
“building questions for answers asked”
and I look at the Gretchen Albrecht paintings, which
are not my favourites
and I sit at the table that you had in your kitchen
that me and Hannah sanded down
and I instil these objects
with answers and with questions
though they never match up

and I think of you

sometimes, I can hear your voice
your laugh
your breath
and if I’m lucky, in the depths of the night
I find another memory I’d lost hold of
and I wrap it, thin and delicate as a hair
around these objects
so that I will not lose hold of you again.

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Vĭsuălis – A visual poetry exhibition

Guided & Unguided 01 is a series of plot points:
coordinates from multiple maps. This is a cartography of
varying kinds: a mapping of various locations, experiences
and memories. Repetitions and orientations aid you in
finding your way, in charting your place in these geographies.

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10/11/2017 · 9:39 pm

He Whakaritenga Hōu / A New Setting

For the last 6 years I have been sneaking poetry pieces into the print queue in the MOTAT Print Shop. Well at first I was sneaking them in, but as time as gone on, the poetry we print has become a big part of what we do in the Print Shop. Last Friday saw the opening of an exhibition that celebrates those works we have printed. The exhibition is also about the Māori typecase I have been working on for the last 18 months, and showcases the ‘Kia ora Te Reo’ booklet we made this year for Māori language week.

The opening was a real treat, our guests were a mixture of Auckland based poets and poetry lovers alongside the MOTAT team who had a hand in putting the show together. It was a huge team effort and I was honoured to have my design and typesetting on show.

Here are a few photos from the opening event:

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Kanohi ki te kanohi poetry reading

I’m performing in a National Poetry day warm up event with Iain Briaton, Vaughan Rapatahana, Bob Orr, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Ruby Porter and Olivia McCassey. It’s going to be great! 7pm at Time Out Bookstore in Mt Eden. Hopefully see you there!!

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‘The Balloon of the Mind’

An exhibition called ‘The Balloon of the Mind,’ after a poem by WB Yeats, opened at Special Collections at the UoA Gen Library yesterday. It’s on for 6 weeks and is open to the public. The exhibition includes three display cases. The first is about Yeats and his poetry, the second about Ian Donnelly, an NZ based book collector who collected and later donated a vast collection of first edition Irish Literature. The third case is all about Cuala Press. I was involved in curating the exhibition alongside Michele Leggott and Jo Birks. At MOTAT we printed a bookmark to go with the exhibition.

See the exhibition blog post here:  ‘The Balloon of the Mind’: Yeats, Donnelly and Cuala Press

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