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Research at the Hocken

I’ve just returned to Auckland from a research jaunt to the Hocken Library in Dunedin. I went there to look at artwork by Cilla McQueen in their pictorial collection.

The forever muffle in my ears (they don’t cope well with the altitude when flying!) provided a kind of sound proofing to concentrate on the huge quantity of work they have by Cilla McQueen. I went to look specifically at her experimental music and sound scores. I had no idea just how many (and how awesome!) artist books McQueen has made. They are often large-scale and short run (between 1 and 10, but usually around 6). The binding is wondrous. Sometimes very conspicuous, such as with ‘Spine-Tingler,’ for others the outside acts as a folder with the binding covered by hessian, silk strips of other fabrics. They are all made with high quality paper with absolute care to binding and presentation. Each one is individually drawn and hand printed using litter stamps. They’re not printed! Every copy must vary considerably.

Most of the artist books are soundscapes with  titles like “Inside the Peninsula, Songs for 5 voices.” Other single page soundscapes have great titles too: “two people fall silent for four seconds during ten seconds of conversation among five people in a crowded room.”

It was an invigorating and inspiring trip, both from academic and creative perspectives. Watch this space for some McQueen inspired artist books.


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Ema Saikō Poetry Fellowship

I am so excited! I was awarded the 2017 Ema Saikō Poetry Fellowship, which is a residency at the New Zealand Pacific Studio in the Wairarapa. I will be there for three weeks in November.

I’ll be working on a series of landscape poems which will take the form of text as well as mark-making and calligraphic work.  These works will go towards a small hand printed chapbook which I will be printing with the team at MOTAT in early 2018 (all going well).

The fellowship is in honour of Ema Saikō, a Japanese poet, painter and calligrapher from the late Endo period. The picture on the right is a portrait she painted sourced from here.
I’d also like to acknowledge the fabulous poet and typographer Ya-wen Ho who was an Ema Saikō fellow last year.

So watch this space in November for some updates!!

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New Zines

jul16 zines

Auckland Zinefest is tomorrow, 11am-4pm at the Auckland Art Gallery and these are my new zines finished this evening just in time.

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Tēnei tāku zine tuatahi i te reo Māori.


I titohia ēnei kōrero paki e ngā ngeru

(These stories were composed by cats)

Excerpt: “I haere au ki te hī ika i te puna tūtata i te taha o tōku whare. I pekepeke ngā ika i te kare o te wai. Engari, i hiakai rawa au, ka kai i te mōunu”

Typeset in MC-Type – my handwriting typeface. So nerdy! + cat-obsessed + te reo Māori = all aces


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A Collection of Asemic Type Specimen

Uhingaro typeface specimen

The above is a sample page from the collection. You can view and download the complete zine here: Collection of Asemic Type

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perfect little package [of experimental poetry]

001At the end of the ‘Question your teaspoons’ workshop at Hamilton Zinefest, I put together all the creations from the participants into a zine. And here it is in PDF format! Feel free to print yourself a copy. Click here: perfect little package

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The Great Goatsby

001I’m very proud of this zine, not least because it won Best of the Fest at Hamilton Zinefest last weekend. But it’s also a really neat zine with a mixture of blind contour drawings and various poetic responses that were fun and challenging to put together.  It was printed on some old dot matrix paper which made for an interesting time with the photocopier. I made it while procrastinating writing an essay for uni. So good things sometimes come out of procrastination. Also, I love goats.

So here are a few spreads from the zine.

002a 003a

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Let me say so clearly

Another new zine, this time full of letterpress byproducts and the creation of asemic writing using letterpress methods.

I will be photocopying later tonight and then visiting a friend who has a huge electric guillotine tomorrow morning to get all my zines ready for Saturday.



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24 hr Zine Challenge – new zine

This weekend was the 24 hour zine challenge – create a 24 page zine in 24 hours. And this is the result: Patterns in your mouth.

The cover was originally designed and printed using letterpress and a lino cut at last year’s 24 hr challenge, but I never made the inside. So this year I adapted (and re printed) the cover for a new zine.

There are 8 copies available for purchase at $4 each.

patterns in your mouth

patterns in your mpouth detail2 patterns in your mouth detail


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2 more images from my zine

window 11a

window 7a

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