Letterpress collab with Andrea Rivas

In 2016, Mexican poet Andrea Rivas translated 3 of my poems into Spanish for a Mexican Spanish language online poetry journal Circulo de Poesia. We’ve stayed in touch and last year I asked her for some poems in English to ‘translate’ into letterpress. I wanted to return the favour.

Today I began setting and designing three short poems Andrea sent me. Working in Univers Condensed 14pt, bold and medium, and an unidentified wooden typeface.

The design is process driven. An overall idea is based on copy received from the poet. After that each decision is decided in turn, each based on the one before and the type and equipment available in the print room. The final design was completely different from the initial drawing.

The next step is a proof and then adding the work to the print queue. It will be printed on the Heidelberg Platen in two colours. Paper and colours yet to be decided – decision will be based on proof prints.

Photos of the process (including a mishap with a rude and handsy customer destroying all of the work) has been posted on instagram as a way to keep Andrea within the loop of the collaboration. A proof print will be sent to her (especially since I made a line break change to accommodate handsetting constraints of 25 picas).


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