Tēnei tāku zine tuatahi i te reo Māori.


I titohia ēnei kōrero paki e ngā ngeru

(These stories were composed by cats)

Excerpt: “I haere au ki te hī ika i te puna tūtata i te taha o tōku whare. I pekepeke ngā ika i te kare o te wai. Engari, i hiakai rawa au, ka kai i te mōunu”

Typeset in MC-Type – my handwriting typeface. So nerdy! + cat-obsessed + te reo Māori = all aces



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5 responses to “Tēnei tāku zine tuatahi i te reo Māori.

  1. Excerpt? Is this a book I can buy? Is there more?

    • It’s a zine! So not a full book. I’ll have them for sale at Auckland Zinefest in July. Are you based in Auckland?

      • Unfortunately not. I loved that cat story though. I have only learned a little Te Reo so far, but enough that I could understand it (looking up the odd word in the dictionary).

      • I’ll be putting together a few more before Zinefest. Maybe I could put together a little pack for you of all my te reo zines for maybe $5 + postage. Wouldn’t be until late July though, so just drop me an email and I’ll get in touch when I have more zines. makylac at gmail dot com.

  2. Excerpt? Is there more?