White Bark

White Bark


Here she is. All arrival and
no leaving. A shadow. A shadow that sticks.
A shadow that appears. Appears as a shadow. She is a slow sway. A sway. Of performed
elegance. Hips sway. Hips. A sway in the room. A room that
sways. But. A white dog stood. The
white dog. The white dog stood. On her feet. On her feet the white dog
stood. She tripped. She
tripped over the dog. The white dog.
It barked. The white dog barked. The white bark. The white bark
barked. The bark was white.
The white bark barked. Barked at shadows. It barked.
She stood.
She re-stood.
Stood from knees. Stood up. The arrival stood. She
stood. Again. The sway slipped away. Slipped away the sway.
The white bark barked. The dog. The white dog was not small. The white dog was small. Small. The bark. The white bark was
not small. The white bark. The bark grew.
The bark that grew. Grew. The bark swallowed shadows.
The shadow bulked. Bulked against the bark.
Against the dog. Against the feet on her feet.
The white bark barked on feet. On feet the bark barked.
The shadow swayed away. The shadows feet were shadows.
The bark grows against the shadow. The shadow sways away.
Away. The bark barks. Alone.


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