Handset letterpress poetry excerpts

Completely handset in seven different typefaces. Due to the composition the lock up was a little difficult, not in the sense of fitting it in, but because the sections are all facing different ways, getting the pressure right was difficult. Each time we made some minor change some other part of the lock up that was previously secure miraculously loosened.

It was printed this weekend at MOTAT with the help of Dennis, on the heidelberg platen. There are 30 copies.
excerptsThis is what the lock up looked like:

20140715_115522One of my favourite things is the way the underside looks once it’s all locked up, as below.

You can see that one of the excerpts is printed in perinesi typeface which is so italicised that the type itself is also sloped. The corner locks which stablises each line were missing so I had to use space pieces in 10 and 12pt times to try and lock it tight. This was one of the major hassles of the lock up.





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