A Temporal Model

An audience:
your attempt – just the one
a temporal instruction in papers.

The busy model
visible, a language representation, a market to furrow towards
likewise the place
looking in deepest print weather point the levels lacking
the in and brow
of temporal attention
with two lack eyes –
faces of the 30 painted audience memory members
but change

figures left,
two writing
presence the jealous; a simultaneous
active emphatic, black scenes
with obvious
coats in //
two persons witness silence: a different mental revelation
points to the psychological state
seemingly hypothetical, the manuscripts
the blending
of popular
pseudo-cats, cause
and trend
the medical secret
a fortune
unlike an obligation
employing the aged and alloyed.

It isn’t visible, the prologue,
a buzz springtime,
inescapable and the procedures generate destiny
it blackened everything and the experiments
without plebeian operatic microbes
the subsequent organs
reach peak performance
insinuating taxi narratives
themes on the stage are in lithe directions.

An episodic waiting
of the self
moving louder
yes, louder, yes
played grotesque through molten mother publicly bulbous patterns.

Strategic I’ll unacknowledge religion,
it squats of the old characters,
a melodramatic ungraceful timelessness.

A temporal adaptation
twists in switch of order.
In the public not none street
Wagner tenses,
all monies
are exit.

Hark! The plays retrospect,
good on fictionality
already an omen
defending first, the rote,
in himself
above glance and
resembling radio:
the here, now:
reflected interlude of future spotlights,
no mockery or structure originally in restriction
except in order
that is, it is conceived in a succession of vaudeville.

Submissive time?
Unreflecting operatic words
an adapted liquid accumulation
an opening
an imaginative text
immaterial requests:
relaying thinking conventions,
ulterior unity
a mass of meanings
but defunct
in a voice – the approach to
the literary the unimpeded undertakers metaphor
offering gait
ceaseless through sweet poetic young abandon
the orators
dig resolutions
lack must knight
with chaos disappears,
propagation demands the finality
of scenes.


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