The dog ate my homework @ Pearce Gallery

On the flyer the show is described as ‘loosely themed” and “casually curated”. What they mean is “hardly themed at all” and “halfheartedly curated”.

The highlights of the show were those which fit the brief. “I ran out of self discipline” by Rose Meyer was repetitive with an intensive attention to detail to the point of obsessiveness. Letters explored and drawn out on graph paper, the work starts at A, running through the alphabet, but gets only half way through, indicative of the way in which art students burn out before finishing their work. Though straight forward in concept, the work is also interesting to look at, full of strange detail and variation that is unexpected from across the gallery.

The two works by Justine Giles share a similar concept. The finished and polished work “Damaged Goods” sits beside an unfinished drawing, again showing how students burn themselves out on an idea before finishing it – or rather, leave it to the last minute or lack the ability to prioritise. Again the work fits the brief simply, but is in itself an interesting work to view.

Emma Thomsen’s ‘Towards the End…” is a stunning exploration of surreal themes which is scratched out eliminating parts of the image. Glen Snow’s 4 works are a wonderful exploration of texture, it is easy to see how the materials have been handled, there is a lot of play and experimentation.

My compliments of the show end there. It is not necessarily that the other works are not accomplished, but that there seemed to be no editing within the curatorial choices  – many works did not look like they belonged – namely Julie Downie’s “Hanging Bird” and the three paintings by Paul Hooker. Emma Thomsens “A Longer Time Frame” was partnered with the wrong work and so felt lost in the space.

Other works felt like they were completed by the foundation students themselves, particularly the three works by Ruby Oakley, I can only assume she is taking the piss with the works, but I have no way of knowing. Rufus Epp’s “I came here Looking for my Angel and I found her” was similarly immature. Just because the work is supposed to poke fun at “the experience of marking day” doesn’t mean that the work in a show of professional artists should look like the work they are marking. This exhibition undermines the ability to edit ones work for public display. Overall, I was disappointed.


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