Peter Campbell @ The Gus Fisher

Gestural, raw, watercolour paintings which have already had a very public life on the cover of the London Review of Books. The paintings are at once commercialised and personal. “Idea drawings” was the term one of the speakers at the launch used to describe Peter Campbell’s paintings.

I enjoyed the curatorial decisions of the show, the paintings suited being clustered together, but I often wonder about the Gus Fisher, they have a lot of room, but they pack it all in so that every one of the shows I see there requires I go back there again sometime when the space isn’t so packed with people.

It was clear this collection had a wide history which brought it to its current destination, the speakers all had interesting things to say, but they spoke too long, and I felt they stole the attention from the rather unassuming exhibition.

The reason these paintings are so accomplished is due to their unassuming presence. They are at once encompassing, and drawing in of your attention, as well as humble or modest enough to embrace the text that spread over the image for the magazine.

This isn’t just an exhibition of watercolour paintings. They are accomplished cover designs which are self conscious of their appearance when aligned with words.

The mixture of text and image is exciting.

The exhibition runs from July 6th – August 3rd ’13


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