Jill McIntosh @ Black Asterisk

_crop Last night I went to the opening of A Shift, an exhibition of paintings by Jill McIntosh at Black Asterisk in Ponsonby. I’ve been trying to find a website for Jill McIntosh so that I can post up some more of her amazing work, particularly to show the long striking elongated forms of the paintings, and it turns out there is Scottish artist by the same name living in Germany, with interestingly similar attitudes to texture, but I don’t think it’s the same artist.

These paintings are enamel on PVC plastic. Enamel is a medium which always gets me excited. I can stare at enamel paintings for eons, like the John Pule paintings with big splotches of enamel  which I returned to ‘watch’ over and over again when on display at the Auckland Art Gallery.Another-green-world-2006-1 It does seem like enamel paintings require us to watch them, rather than just look. The movement of the colours within each other are always so striking, so enthralling. They seem to pulsate and morph on the wall before you.

Sadly I don’t think Jill McIntosh’s paintings will last as the paint on the PVC canvas is already beginning to peel away. If they are knocked even slightly, the paint will just flake off. I hope a lot of photos of those beauties are taken as a way to preserve them.

@ Black Asterisk, July 5th – 17th

http://www.blackasterisk.co.nz/exhibitions/shift http://www.jillmcintosh-art.com


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