My Dad as Sir John Logan Campbell

In November of 1902 Sir John Logan Campbell, the mayor of Auckland, and ‘The Father of Auckland’, drove Auckland’s first electric tram through the streets.

Today, my father Alan Curtis, impersonated Sir John Logan Campbell in a reenactment of that day.

He drove the 44; a tram built in Ponsonby in 1906. It is practically identical to the first tram (and almost as old) as the one which Sir John drove almost 110 years ago.

It was acquired by MOTAT in the 60’s, where it was disassembled for storage. When the crew at MOTAT came to reassemble the tram, they would have found that every tag and label was in my Dad’s handwriting. The 44 is my favourite tram (which I dubbed ‘My Gypsy Tram’ when MOTAT began its restoration).

A great afternoon at Wynyard Quarter – with a great hope for Auckland’s future of public transport. It is only when Auckland has installed decent, reliable public transport with the future in mind, that Auckland will become one of the great cities. Until then we are just a hyped up country town.



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3 responses to “My Dad as Sir John Logan Campbell

  1. Interesting bit of information. My great grand father worked in the railroad office in the 1900’s. We have a couple of original tickets.

  2. Alan looked great, you did a wonderful job dressing him up. He certainly looked the part and the crowd loved him.

  3. It was Hannah, my sister, who made up his beard and his outfit was from First Scene so I’m afraid I can’t take any credit. But he did look fabulous!