Child Poverty in NZ – how can you help?

Finally! The media is awash with articles, columns, opinion pieces on NZ’s shameful Child Poverty.

There is no need for me to repeat or reword these articles, they are readily available for you to read all over the internet.

What I want to blog about is to let you know what you can do about it and to spread the word of the Charity KidsCan.

Child Poverty in New Zealand is not something to be pushed under the rug. For the future of our country, of our communities and for the dignity and decency of our nation and our people, we should all be supporting our less fortunate citizens. These children are our future and it is up to us as to whether they contribute to the ills of the country or the greats.

I vote we support these children so they can be among the greats.

Through KidsCan, your donation goes to pay for socks, shoes and raincoats. Your donation goes to pay for food in schools. Let’s enable these children focus on their learning and on their futures, not their empty stomachs, cold feet, and ill health. These are BASICS that we all deserve. They should be rights, not luxuries for the middle and upper classes. All children in this country should be properly dressed for the weather and have enough to eat.

You can donate one off sums of whatever you can afford.

You can donate multiples of $15 a month ($15 goes to each child in the scheme).

Or you can donate your time through volunteering.

Please have a look at the KidsCan website, see how you can help.

Yes, the government should be doing more to help. But in the meantime KidsCan are doing all they can do support the children in our communities most in need. Do your bit to help them!


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