Abstract Composition Project: a collaboration

Enjoy collage and cut-up experimental writing?

I’m looking for participants in a cut up & collage collaboration.

There are 50 little A6 books, each with just 4 leaves of grid paper. (So not too much work!) The books come with a little pack explaining the project fully. You don’t need to go anywhere to work on it, you can create it at home, whenever you’ve got a minute.

If you’d like to be involved, I’ll get a pack to you. The deadline for the project is 1st November.

Not sure yet what the pinnacle of the project will be – display / launch etc. But I will organise something of the like, as well as getting all the work up online.

I have a number finished already by collaborators, so I’ll get pictures up soon for inspiration.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.



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2 responses to “Abstract Composition Project: a collaboration

  1. I’ll do it…. sounds fun

    • Awesome. Drop me an email with your postal address and I’ll get a pack sent out to you. makylac@gmail.com
      Or if you are based in Auckland, and are going to PoetryLive (Guest poets John Pule & Doug Poole) on Tuesday 28th, I can give it to you there.