It is Pulp to Print month at Motat.
This weekend was papermaking.
So we had 5 tubs of water and paper pulp on tables stationed around the room.
Scrap paper is thrown into a blender with water and given a whizz until it has a gloopy consistency, then we add it to the tubs of water.
With a papermaking deckle, which is two wooden frames, one frame has a piece of mesh attached, a second, unattached, is laid on top, with the empty frame on top of that.

You slip the deckle into the tub of water and paper pulp and then bring it up out flat, giving it a bit of a wobble like you’re sifting for gold.
Then tip the frame up on an angle to let more water drain away.
Put the deckle on a towel, remove the top frame, then flip the mesh with paper pulp on it onto a ‘chux’ cloth. Use a sponge to dab and remove the water through the mesh. Remove the mesh.

Lift the cloth and push it up against a drying board that is propped against the wall. Use a clean paint roller to attach the paper to the board, peel off the cloth and leave your paper there to dry. It takes about 4 or 5 hours, a little less if you can dry it in the sun.

Next weekend we’re showing people how to bind their paper into a journal. (If you missed out on making some paper this weekend, you can have a go next weekend too!)


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