Strange Equations – Update 4

Home now. Been for a shower, now my pajamas and thinking about making myself a sandwich and settling down to fall asleep watching a movie. I’m exhausted.

What a whirlwind 24 hours. They flew by, and every moment from 6am onwards, I longed for my bed!

We created a fantastic exhibition which was cohesive and (though I say so myself), really awesome. A mixture of collage, drawing, poetry, cut up, generative, experimental, obvious & elusive. I loved it, I loved the collaboration, the process, the results.

The team dynamic of Anna, Ya-wen, Richard and myself worked really well. We moved between together creating and building an idea, building on each others ideas, giving feedback on progress and beginning works with our own ideas and passing them to each other to develop further.

We made a pact at the beginning not to be sentimental or precious about anything that we created, and this really did well by us.

I am pleased to have been involved. A big thank you to The Depot Artspace, Anna, Ya-wen, Richard, and also to Carolyn who showed up at lunchtime with sushi and helped up pack out the gallery space for hanging. You’re all stars.

Saying all that lovely positiveness, the 24hr side of the challenge really took its toll. It’s a long time to focus entirely on collaborating creatively, it’s a long time to be in a small gallery space with 3 others, and it’s a long time to stay awake, especially when we’d all had full on days on Friday before we even began. I’m tired, I’m grumpy, snooty and short tempered.

But it was worth it.

The exhibition is open at The Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street Devonport, for the next week. We’ll be taking it down on Saturday 28th July. If you can’t get there, watch this space, and facebook, for the photos.


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  1. Why would you want to have a shower in your pyjamas? Just asking.