“Once it becomes obsolete for industry it becomes available for art”

An Adana Press, Floor Model  has come available on Trademe. Starting bid of $300 (Buy now for $650)

Adana Printing Press Floor Model

I would love this Adana, I’d love to set it up in my studio, clean it up, and get printing!


Today I spent the day volunteering at the PrintShop at MOTAT, we were working on an Adana table top press showing kids how to composit their names in type and print their names on a number of pre printed posters and post cards.

I also got the chance to have a go at the Arab Press. It takes a lot of co-ordination to take the paper out with your left hand, put another in with your right before the bed rises to print again and pedal all the while with your foot.

Arab Advert from 1890

Arab Advert from 1890

After the free month at the Museum, I’m hoping it might be a little quieter so that I can spend some time getting to know the print cases and the different presses. What I’m really looking forward to is printing something of my own!





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