100 days of Creativity, Day 3


22-June-12 Five Senses
The morning comes with smells attached;
sleep’s sweat, stagnant air, and the cat
meticulously clean.
He purrs when he realises you’re awake.
He nuzzles his wet nose against yours,
or taps your nose with his paw. He’s hungry.
You definitely brushed your teeth last night and
went to bed with minty breath, but the night
lays traps in your mouth, the flavour of morning
is not so good.
It’s a grey morning and the light moves lazily
between the venetian blinds, barely lighting the room.
Slipping on a dressing down, it begins to rain
it taps, tap-tap tap-tap with quickening pace
against the corrugated iron roof.


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  1. Thanks Makyla. I’m really enjoying your work, it’s lovely to have a regular participant. Spread the word to any writers you may know! Cheers. Anna 🙂