100 Days of Creativity

Anna Forsyth has created an initiative with the Creative Hub (Creative writing course at the viaduct, AKL) to post creative writing exercises on a daily basis.


As best I can I am going to play around with these exercises and post the results here.  

20-June-12 Game of Four
Fads & ideals find connections
across adulterated landscapes
along thin lines, a dash hap dash,
a switch flicks and joins the shadows
black markers hollow out our eyes.
At a transient mark we make exchanges,
make new meanings of words
inside new technologies.

21-June-12 From A to B
Crystal mazes instil between us
a manufactured elegance,
fill our expectations with allegory
and dampen the roots of our
content.  We face each other
eyes aligned, grey in the rain,
I, tentative, reach out my hand
fingers outstretched searching,
but the city has us in masks.


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